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Full members will receive news updates of significant developments and invited to meetings and events, to maintain the benefits of the Stratford Greenway and Summerton Way, as an important community and environmental asset for the benefit of residents, visitors and future generations.

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Confidentiality and Security

The Stratford Greenway Group or SGG (previously known as NoAvonLine) will only routinely use your personal details as described above in ‘Join SGG’. On occasions we may canvass your opinion on topics that we believe will promote our aim of preserving the Stratford Greenway in its current condition.

We will quote numbers of supporters and the summary results of any ballots, but we will never reveal your name or contact details to any anyone without your specific permission – in the case of a petition for example.

You can change your type of membership from Associate to Full or vice versa, by emailing CHANGE MEMBERSHIP to us. Similarly, your membership can be cancelled by emailing CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.

We would be very sorry to see you go if you did cancel your membership, but will guarantee that you would not hear from us again (unless you rejoined SGG) and that your personal details would be permanently removed from our records.

SGG have put physical barriers and administration procedures in place to protect our website and your details from unauthorised use.